[funsec] Public Policy and Consumer ISP Hygiene(was Comcastpop-ups)

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> Problem solved.
> http://blogs.pcmag.com/securitywatch/2009/10/president_obama_speaks_of_t
> he.php
> President Obama has recorded a video encouraging everyone to take
> reasonable security precautions with respect to their computers and the
> Internet. Surely we will all be inspired, as was the Nobel Peace Prize
> Committee, to rise to ever-higher levels of competence and dedication to
> the vision of an Internet free from the exploitation of the innocent. I
> expect Chinese and east European computer criminals to vide this video
> and see the folly of their ways.
> Larry Seltzer
> Contributing Editor, PC Magazine
> larry_seltzer at ziffdavis.com
> http://blogs.pcmag.com/securitywatch/
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Wow. Well, thats closer to solving the issue more then what I have
seen in these threads. My original post on comcast pop-ups was showing
an effort how be it without an answer. Though, as many of us
immediately noticed, giving pop-ups to users was not a good idea.

We are still faced with the cleaning problem. As I stated before.
Unless little Johnny next door comes over the average user cannot fix
this problem. The infected machine will not reach online cleaners and
their own current protection has already been made null from the "ok
clean me" popup they already said yes to. Hence, the concept of
providing under the radar (malware DNS redirects and such) standalone
apps, unblockable IP locations of online scanners, tools, etc., are
still needed as our previous thread a few months back.

If the good guys can't reach the infections this will not go away.

been great, thanks
a.k.a System

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