[funsec] only cause i'm frustrated

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On Wed, Aug 11, 2010 at 2:01 PM, Robert Graham
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> I've been to India and toured many call centers. No, they don't multitask, at
> least not at reputable companies like Dell or Cisco.

I believe the key words here then would be "reputable"....? Of course
though I do believe it was a "call center" for Dell that did have time
to put the "nude" pictures up on a site of that poor lady.

I used the word "smuck" in reference to one who is taken advantage of. Sir.

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> just had to RANT cause of an incident with our own problem:
> I would bet a weeks pay that at anyone so-called "Call centers" over
> in India that some poorly paid smuck is "multitasking" with "Dell
> support calls", "Clickjacking work" and doing some "desktop
> publishing" jobs for some graphics company here all of his 14 hr day
> at the office.
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> been great, thanks
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been great, thanks
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