[funsec] big brother at school

Dave Paris dparis at w3works.com
Fri Feb 19 17:41:18 CST 2010

I'd say there are multiple, *potentially* plausible explanations. 
However, the fatal mistake on the part of the school district was to be 
caught behind the 8-ball and have the class-action suit filed first. 
True or otherwise, every statement they make after the filing of the 
suit is highly suspect and likely viewed as backpedaling and ass-covering.

My gut says they have one hell task to provide a mountain of proof to 
the contrary ahead of them.  When you've got this much public outrage, 
you're starting out at the bottom of a very, very deep hole.

Rob, grandpa of Ryan, Trevor, Devon & Hannah wrote:
> I *really* hate to pour cold water on this loverly outburst of outrage, but I came 
> across something that is really, really interesting:
> http://www.lmsd.org/sections/news/default.php?m=0&t=today&p=lmsd_anno&id=1
> 137
> It may be that the school and schoolboard officials have been blithely spying on 
> all their students, snooping via illicit Webcam every night at times when students 
> might be assumed to be getting undressed and ready for bed (or early in the 
> morning when they might be getting ready for showers).
> It might be equally possible that a student, having been "given" a high-priced 
> Apple laptop by the school and/or district, decided to see if he could score an extra 
> one, possibly to sell.  And, having reported his laptop stolen, got caught.  The 
> Webcam mention may be a complete red herring, mentioned only because Apple 
> laptops have Webcams.  Or, the appropriate school official, having tracked down 
> the laptop, decided to complete the proof, simply by having a look and 
> determining if the student was, in fact, operating the computer when the anti-
> theft software said he was.
> We will not, of course, know which of these two scenarios (or any of a number of 
> other possibilities) are true for quite some time ...
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