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Fri Jan 1 20:01:50 CST 2010

a hacking group claimed to be building an attack on A5/1 by
constructing a large look-up table1[sic] of approximately 2 Terabytes
– this is equivalent to the amount of data contained in a 20 kilometre
high pile of books.

Or a 2 inch stack of hard-drives... 10 years ago that my have been
bordering on absurd, today it's a quick trip to Staples.

Also from the statement:

The complex knowledge required to develop such software is subject to
intellectual property rights, making it difficult to turn into a
commercial product.

I am sure that we all feel better that this requires "complex
knowledge", somehow the fact that an attacker would not be able to
create a viable business model as a result of intellectual property
rights seems less than helpful.


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