[funsec] Wired: Pentagon Searches for 'Digital DNA' to Identify Hackers

phester funsec at armorfirewall.com
Thu Jan 28 13:38:47 CST 2010

On Tue, 26 Jan 2010, Larry Seltzer wrote:

>>> One of the trickiest problems in cyber security is trying to figure
>>> who’s really behind an attack. Darpa, the Pentagon agency that created
>>> the Internet, is trying to fix that, with a new effort to develop the
>>> 'cyber equivalent of fingerprints or DNA' that can identify even the
>>> best-cloaked hackers.
>>> http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2010/01/pentagon-searches-for-digital-dna-to-identify-hackers/
> How much luck can they actually have with this?


Identifying the culprits in such attacks can be next to impossible, 
because computer attacks are typically routed through multiple layers of 
infected computers to disguise the source. However, researchers can often 
learn clues about the attackers' country of origin by studying the 
language and other signs in the malicious software's programming.

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