[funsec] netiquette argument of the month

Gadi Evron ge at linuxbox.org
Sun Jul 11 23:33:32 CDT 2010

On 7/12/10 6:54 AM, der Mouse wrote:
> But I fully expect you to espouse the view that for you to waste
> others' resources is fine because...well, I'm not entirely sure why.
> Maybe because you have a excess of those resources at your disposal,
> sufficient to tolerate the additional load if it were placed on you
> instead, and have trouble understanding how anyone else could be less
> fortunate?

Not quite.

The resources of handling a few more emails directed to me are 
negligible -- some people's capacity may be lesser than mine though. :)

More seriously, (1) as the vast majority of Internet users don't see it 
as a problem, and (2) the vast majority of those who are on mailing 
lists don't either, AND (3) considering the few who do consider it a 
problem could easily filter (if you care enough about it, you very 
likely have some technical capabilities), then..

I am:
1. Not going to support them bullying the rest of the community on their 
2. Not going to ask the majority to change their ways.
3. See their attempts to do either as either pointless bullying or an 
attempt to teach the world to do it their way.

I fully support everyone trying to teach others. And I fully support 
everyone's right to handle their own email in the way they see fit. But 
I do not believe -- on principle as well as pragmatically -- that the 
damage to the mailbox handling a few more messages justifies changing 
the way the majority does business -- especially when these chosen few 
can easily filter what they don't like, i.e. the way of the Internet.

This is not disregard to anyone's opinion. Rather, it is standing up and 
voicing an equally valid opinion, in friendly disagreement. Isn't the 
Internet a wonderful medium by which pluralism is achieved? :)

I, too, would like the whole Interwebz to work the way I want it to, 
which I see as right, but that's not how it works. I try and accommodate 
others' preferences when it comes to my behaviour on matters of 
etiquette, but that is my personal choice.


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