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OOPS, in my haste to not run afoul of Rich's rules, I replied, rather than reply to all.

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Titles are Capitalized everywhere, and I was pretending to be a spoof government agency.

I lived in France for three years, my first real job was with Alcatel in France. I'm pretty confident my French is better than yours, especially since you replied in English.

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> > Monsieur Le Souris, Ici votre instruction de la direction de la
> > langue Française de Québec.
> You would do well to learn more French before trying to pretend to
> competence in it.  Even I know enough French to pick out various
> rudimentary errors in what you've written - as the first example that
> comes to mind, language names (such as "française" or "anglais", though
> the former is admittedly an adjective rather than a noun) are not
> uniformly initial-caps as they are in English.
> > On a vu que vous avez engage en communications d'affaires seulement
> > en Anglais.
> What makes you think so?  I doubt you have seen _any_ of my
> communications d'affaires; the only communications of mine I have any
> reason to think you have seen are those on this list, which are hardly
> d'affaires.
> > A taste of thine own medicine, but actually the law you are subject
> > to, and similar to your desire to enforce your views on us.
> Law, yes.  Were I a business communicating with the public at large, it
> might even be relevant.
> As for enforcing my views?  Only to the extent that my considering, and
> calling, certain actions rude enforces anything.
> > P.S. C'est tout a fait impossible de bien enregistrer les accents
> > etcetera sans HTML.
> Which actually is not true, unless your "etcetera" covers a good deal
> more than the context implies; French works just fine with 8859-1, and
> indeed I notice you (correctly) marked your text as being iso-8859-1
> text/plain.  No HTML required.
> > P.P.S. L'Allemand (Der Mouse) n'est JAMAIS OK chez les Francophones.
> You apparently don't know German either.  "Mouse" auf Deutsch is
> "Maus", not "Mouse", and it's feminine and thus takes "die" rather than
> "der" or "das".
> "der Mouse" (not "Der Mouse") is not German and is not intended to be
> German; I think the "der" was lifted from German before I knew enough
> German to know what I was doing, but that's the only part of it that
> has anything to do with German.  The "Mouse" is straight-up English.
> (It also is largely a historical artifact.  The only place I still use
> it is in from-line full-names, and I've been considering dropping it
> there.  Not that that's terribly relevant.)
> Furthermore, while the law requires French to have prominence, other
> languages, such as German or even English, are indeed OK when
> accompanied by sufficiently prominent French.  And, in practice, the
> law is differentially enforced against English - signs in Portugese
> only, or Ukranian only, or Greek only (to pick three examples I've
> seen) are substantially more common than English only (which latter
> border on nonexistent).  If I frequented the proper neighbourhoods, I
> would expect German to be on that list too.
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