[funsec] Unreal IRCd backdoor

Larry Seltzer larry at larryseltzer.com
Mon Jun 14 07:25:20 CDT 2010

Similar to an incident with WordPress a few years ago.

One of the lessons people seem to want to learn from this is to check
MD5s, but I don't see what that accomplishes. Usually the MD5 is stored
alongside the file that has been compromised; if they can compromise the
main file, surely they can make a new MD5.

The unrealircd guys are starting to use GPG which is a better solution (if
they're careful with their keys)(and as long as the source tree they're
signing hasn't been compromised), but GPG is a PITA. After the Wordpress
incident I proposed an easier method:


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Advisory and MD5's listed at


Gadi Evron [ge at linuxbox.org] kirjoitti:
> Very interesting post by Fyodor:
> http://seclists.org/nmap-dev/2010/q2/826
> 	Gadi.
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