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> someone fill in the blanks here for me?

Well, I can try, but I suspect that there are a whole lot of them.

> http://www.v3.co.uk/v3/news/2260510/roles-2020
> change or die???

Constant change is here to stay.  However, as Deming pointed out, it is not 
necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory.

> is the security sector involved in this?

No.  We have a list of "best practices," and we know that, by definition, they will 
never change.

> "Business
> Objectives" means ????

The "business objective" is getting more business.  For example, if you are a 
consulting company, and your ideas are really no better than anyone else's, your 
objective is to send out vague press releases about things people already know 
about, but dress them up in alarming sounding language, so that people will pay 
attention to you.  For example, you could take the well-known fact that 
technology changes, as it develops, and then turn that into a really scary sounding 
press release threatening that people might lose their jobs if they don't pay 
attention to the changes, and hope that some lame trade rag, on a slow day, might 
actually make the mistake of believing it to be news.

Of course, almost everybody who reads it would understand immediately that it is a 
puff piece, but you might find find a few people of limited background who think 
there is something important in it.

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