[funsec] Don't tell me you weren't all thinking that anyhow.. :)

Danny McPherson danny at tcb.net
Thu Nov 18 04:51:47 CST 2010

> I actually like the end of the text above the cartoon:
> "But is groping every man, woman, and child really the smartest way to
> combat this threat, or is it simply another way of avoiding the use of
> logical profiling measures to focus on who the most likely terrorists
> are?
> Homeland Security needs to reject political correctness and start
> treating terror seriously... instead of just a ballgame."
> Only in airports and on the Internet do we treat everyone as if they are
> a criminal, as opposed to finding, and locking up, the criminals.

One might observe that if profiling were employed in such a manner, it 
would simply add a layer of indirection that encourages terrorists to 
employ third parties more often (e.g., hold your kid hostage until you 
carry X on a plane).


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