[funsec] Any objection? You are a "domestic extremist"

Robert Graham robert_david_graham at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 24 01:24:10 CST 2010


That means I would be called a domestic extremist:


Actually, I don't advocate disrupting the screening process. I feel bad for the 
TSA that they have to deal with belligerent or passive-aggressive hippy cry 
babies. I try to be polite and submit to everything they ask that does not 
violate my rights.

But, on the other hand, it is right and proper that people should protest the 
increasingly Nazi-like attitude of the TSA. I quote the TSA supervisor in my 
first post who says that the TSA is not accountable to the public. I debunk 
claims by the TSA in the other post, showing how they attempt to deceive the 

It is our duty as citizens to hold authority accountable. We should not be angry 
or disruptive about it. But we should do it politely ... and persistently.


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