[funsec] [India] No secrets on Blackberry: Security services to intercept information after government gets its way on popular messenger service

Jeffrey Walton noloader at gmail.com
Sat Apr 7 18:58:47 CDT 2012


The government took a call in the matter more than 18 months ago. Now,
it has deciphered the mechanics of enabling security agencies to
police the one million-strong exclusive preserve of BlackBerry
Messenger (BBM) users in India.

Consequently, BlackBerry smartphone owners - who were
interception-secure all these days - will have to brace for an
invasion of their privacy.

Their messenger service can be lawfully tapped citing security
concerns. Indian security agencies confirmed to Mail Today on Friday
that the process to access the BBM service, which operates with the
highly protected 256-bit encrypted data, is underway and would be up
and running soon.

Official sources said they would intercept BBM messages in cases where
they suspected that the devices were being used to hatch terror plots
or perpetrate other crimes. Department of telecommunications (DoT)
secretary R. Chandrashekhar told Mail Today that the arrangements were
being put in place and the process had begun for lawful interception
of BBM services.

'Directions can be given to any service provider for interception of
all BlackBerry services,' Chandrashekhar said.

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